A new psychology and nutrition centre Anocen was newly opened in February 2022 in Ústí nad Labem in an effort to help eating disorder patients. The centre focuses on children age up to 18. It is very surprising how often we find the real cause of the disease in their family background. Therefore, we came up with a new approach – in addition to individual therapies, we also offer a family psychology. There are follow-up services such as nutritional therapy or physiotherapy as a part of the treatment.

The most common diseases are anorexia and bulimia. The first means that the patient refuses any food, while a bulimia patient suffers from overeating attacks followed by guilt and subsequent self-induced vomiting. There are other eating disorders such as bigorexia, when the affected person feels that they are insufficiently muscular. The orthorexia patient is excessively dependent on a healthy diet and clean organic food.

The Anocen centre for psychology and nutrition is a project of Centrum podpory zdraví, z.ú. it is a part of the Health Program, funded by the EEA/Norway Funds – 2014-2021.

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Ing. Lenka Plzáková, DiS.


I graduated from the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague, specializing in Chemistry and Food Analysis. Subsequently, I completed the study program of Nutritional Therapy at the Higher Vocational School in Most, which allows me to work with clients who have health issues. I began my practice in nutrition with adults, but I was always more interested in the area of child nutrition. That’s why, in 2012, I founded a non-profit organization called Health Support Center, which includes Anocen as a part of it. The goal of this organization was to address children’s nutrition comprehensively within a multidisciplinary team, incorporating not only nutritional therapy but also psychological and movement interventions.

Ing. Alena Škvorová

Project manager

I studied economics at the Technical University in Bratislava, and after graduation, I traveled to the United Kingdom for a study stay. Upon my return, I worked in Prague as the chief economist for a leading Czech construction company. After entering the non-profit sector, I regularly participate in various further education courses and training related to primary prevention and nutrition. As part of the team, I serve as a project manager, coordinating projects and handling economic matters

PhDr. Kateřina Anežka Houdková

Psychologist and family specialist

She graduated in Psychology from Palacký University in Olomouc. She acquired therapeutic skills through training in Systemic Transformational Therapy according to V. Satirová. She gained practical experience in a clinical psychology outpatient clinic, the gynecology-obstetrics department of a regional hospital, and counseling in the non-profit sector. She works with adults, children, and adolescents, with individuals, couples, and whole families.

I am a full member of the Czech Association for Psychology.

Mgr. Jaromíra Konečná

Special psychologist

She graduated in the field of Special Education with an emphasis on Physical Education from UJEP Ústí nad Labem. Furthermore, she pursued further education through courses in Psychomotorics, Medical Seminar ČAS, Flowin, ComplexCore level 1,2,3. She is an active instructor of the hypopressive method FitBelly and a coach for youth and junior athletics. Currently, she is completing her coaching license B at Charles University in Prague. In the past, she worked in the field of movement development with seniors and mentally disabled individuals. However, the Covid period interrupted this collaboration.

Mgr. Kateřina Dvorská

Addictologist and family specialist

I studied addiction studies at Charles University in Prague, and later completed a five-year training in family integrated therapy. In my work with clients, I draw on my professional experience in addiction services and healthcare. Throughout my career, I have gained practical experience in low-threshold services, pediatric clinics, and prisons. My focus is on counseling, individual, and family therapy. I offer a friendly and understanding approach.

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